Highway Child Care and Early Learning Centre’s Program

Our history in our community reflects an innovative, high quality, responsive service. Over the years we have established a reputation of leading services through piloting programs for children to ensure Salisbury community would be the benefactor of such programs. The ‘Through the Looking Glass’ Program, designed to support parents in their new roles and to establish firm child parent relationships; Universal Access of  preschool education in child care which  has led to research into the   development of programs that are responsive and emergent to create an educational basis that naturally leads into a school learning environment. Our recent participation in the Reggio Emilia Italy Study Group with Department of Education and Child Development (DCED) saw us embrace many of the principles of Reggio Emilia’s inspiration for our programs. These innovations are underpinned by our philosophy, influenced by Reggio Emilia principles, and the principles of the Circle of security, to provide the best quality care and to be the best quality option for all parents.