We cater to each individual child’s needs.

At Highway Child Care & Early Learning Centre we believe that each child is competent and capable  from birth. We also believe that each child is a citizen with inherent rights from birth. Your child’s welfare is our first concern. We want you and your child to feel welcomed from the moment you step through our door.

At Highway Child Care & Early learning Centre your child’s well-being is our first concern. You and your family will be welcomed from the moment you step through our door.

We view each child as a citizen of our community and understand that they are competent and capable beings with inherent rights from the moment of their birth. You will have a Primary Care person assigned to your family to work with your child and you to establish a partnership that will last for the time you are here.

Research tells us that children learn well when they are in a relaxed, safe trusting environment where they feel valued and they belong, acknowledged as a citizen of that community: We believe this to be the basis of success in our responsive learning environment.

Although we are located on Salisbury Highway, we are unique in having one of the longest standing beautiful, natural gardens for learning in Adelaide.The garden is tucked away at the rear of our building and is canopied by beautiful trees with a dry rock creek bed. The children hear birds singing throughout the day. Our children spend most of their learning time outside, exploring the many possibilities of nature. Everyone is connected in the garden. We learn about Aboriginal culture and connection to land, we learn about nature, it’s beauty and cycles; we play games that grow and grow and grow with our imaginations; we learn songs and dances, stories and plays.

We make decisions about what we want to learn with trusted adults to help us.


What children say when asked what they like about coming here

Arya says:

I like to learn playing with paints and drawing on papers. I like afternoon tea with cheese and crackers and strawberries and water. I like making butterfly pictures for mum and dad.

— (age 4)

Zachary says:

I like to play in the garden this morning. Watered. I like to do it. I like making things with the big blocks. I like to see Emily and Kylie.

— (age 4)

Parent Testimonials

We have been so pleased with all aspects of the care provided at The Highway Child Care and Early Learning Centre. The welcoming feel and sense of community makes us and our children feel right at home. Staff are wonderful. They take a genuine interest in our children, are always friendly, approachable and professional – you never feel like they are too busy to talk to you about your child. A highlight of the centre is the outdoor garden and play area where children can explore and connect with nature. As a teacher myself I’ve been impressed with the learning programs and daily activities offered to the children.

— Lauren Hunt


I have been very happy with The Highway Child Care and Early Learning Centre, my daughter started out there in the baby room, then progressed to the toddler room and is now in the preschool room. She is very bonded with her primary carers and has a lot of fun in the centre. The carers always keep me up to date with her daily learnings, activities and adventures. Any concerns I have had along the way have always been accessed, addressed and changes implemented straight away. I highly recommended the Centre to anyone contemplating trying to find high quality care for their little ones.

— Jen Payne

Highway child care centre NQF Assessment Image